Astrology and astronomy

But there is equality in both of them that the topic of study of both are incidents of the universe.

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Vedas are Aporushya and Astrology also Aporushya because of Vedang. It is from the beginning of creation. Many texts of astrology were destroyed in the invasions of the yavans and many have disappeared. Yet the invaluable content of Jyotish exists in all countries in a published and unpublished form. So, the meaning of the sakandh is from the parts. There are three parts of Jyotish. We get the knowledge from these branches of mathematics, that how many years, months and days have passed since the beginning of creation. This branch of astrology is also taking help of ancient astronomical instruments.

Knowledge of planets is astronomy, which is modern science.

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In the zodiac where the planets located in the sky, they written in those places. Based on this, it interpreted according to the Falit Jyotish of the consequences of death-related life events from birth. Its philosophical basis is rebirth and Karma.

Astrology and Astronomy

Many public utility topics are part of such as rain, typhoon, earthquake constellation, comet, meteorite, eclipse-effect, home-building, land water situation, right time of yagya, shakuna, gemstone exams, and effects on the nation. It is not related to the individual, but it related to the nation and the mass groups. After understanding the expansion of astrology, Now we will understand the important words of Jyotish like the house, zodiac, constellation in the sky.

First of all, that place is to understand the sky, in which the planets, constellations, zodiacs are located.


There are degrees in the sky circle Bhachakra , It has divided into twelve zodiac symbols Raashis and constellations. From this, it is known where the planets located, because all the planets are continuously orbiting the Sun in a certain path orbit.

In a Rashi there is 30 degrees and in one degree is 60 Kalas and one Kala is 60 Vikalas. Thus the sky has split. It is necessary for the student to know about them. Nine planets are considered in Indian Jyotish. All are familiar with these names because, in the name of the first seven, seven days a week in the world are popular. The first seven are visible.

Rahu-Ketu, are the shadow planets.

Constellations and the Calendar

From the point of view of astrophysicism, the elliptical traversal of the Earth and the Moon orbit - The two points which cut each other at one point are Rahu and Ketu or North Node South Node. Both of these points are moving like planets and move at opposite speed. Indian Acharyas have experienced the influence of these. According to the discovery few years ago, the new planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto have included in astrology.

The discovery of Uranus in and Neptune in and Pluto has discovered in From the point of view of astrophysics, Sun is not a planet.

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It is a bright star from its own light. The Moon is the satellite of the Earth. I will outline their definitions and use each in a sentence.

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  8. I will also show you a helpful trick to use when deciding whether you mean astronomy or astrology, and why. What does astronomy mean? This broad field encompasses objects like stars, comets, planets, and nebulae, as well as processes like orbits, supernovae, and cosmic radiation. What does astrology mean? Astrology is closer to an art form than a science, and closer still to a religion.

    Like astronomy, astrology is a broad, multifaceted field. Astrology involves predicting the future based on the positions of celestial bodies relative to one another and organized into various groupings of zodiac signs. It is interesting to note that human perceptions of celestial movement are all made from the same spot in the universe. Should humans ever take up residence in on a different planet in a different part of the universe, those people would observe celestial movements from a different vantage point, and would thus perceive these movements differently.