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When you weigh the Taurus-Capricorn compatibility level, you might not find a score for either of the two situations. Yet, you need to know that the couple is compatible all right!

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Taurus and Capricorn compatibility. Read Post a comment.

Which Star Signs is Capricorn Most Compatible With? |

Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Capricorn chooses a well-defined, secure, path over one that involves a lot of unknowns. Sagittarius needs to soar in some way either literally, intellectually, or spiritually while Capricorn needs to have both feet planted firmly on earth. Also, Capricorn has good focus and concentration and the ability to persevere through difficult or dry periods, while Sagittarius is often impatient and flighty.

Sagittarius can be too lax, careless, and irresponsible at times. Capricorn is inclined to make a commitment in a relationship and wants a firm commitment in return, while Sagittarius shies away from anything that will restrict freedom of movement and self-expression too much. Both of you have a sober, realistic, and at times cynical or pessimistic attitude towards life. Work, concrete accomplishment, and material assets give you a sense of security, and you can easily become too immersed in work-related responsibilities, neglecting your home life and your own needs for relaxation, play, and sustaining close emotional ties with others.

Both of you are ambitious and you are often hard on yourselves if you do not achieve enough.

Capricorn Sexual Compatibility: Horny and Prudent in Bed

Showing feelings of vulnerability, neediness, or sentimentality, even to those closest to you, does not come easily to you. You can seem emotionally distant and inaccessible to others. You express caring more by being faithful and constant and doing something concrete like shouldering financial responsibilities for the people you love.

Emotional caution, self-control, seriousness, and a tendency to expect and prepare for the worst are ingrained emotional habits of yours. Both of you would benefit by learning to trust, to laugh playfully, not cynically or ruefully , and to be kinder to yourselves. Your emotional needs and deeply ingrained attitudes are often at odds.

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Aquarius has a very independent nature, and resists being dictated to by Authority, society, convention, or custom. Capricorn, on the other hand, cherishes tradition and is far more cautious about venturing into unknown territory or changing the standard, tried-and-true ways of doing things. Capricorn is conservative and respects the time-honored, proven ways. Even if Capricorn is philosophically liberal, emotionally there is a very cautious, conservative element that is disinclined to take risks in either emotional or spiritual ways.

Both of you can have difficulty letting your feelings and emotions flow. Aquarius intellectualizes rather than feels, and is often unaware of emotional needs in self or others. Capricorn also represses emotions and is afraid of being vulnerable or dependent. Pisces is very, very sensitive and responds emotionally and sympathetically to people while Capricorn is emotionally detached and often distant or inaccessible. Capricorn also ignores or downplays emotions in general, and has a rather serious, sober, no-nonsense attitude towards life. Pisces is a bit of a dreamer or drifter and is far less practical, organized, efficient, and ambitious about material matters than Capricorn is.

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Pisces may sometimes long for more empathy, affection, and softness from Capricorn. Magenta Pink is Hot — Your Moon signs are trine. Your individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting. Your relationship is very intense.

Cancer & Capricorn: Love Compatibility

Light Purple is Harmonious — Your Moon signs are sextile. Pink is Opposites Attract! You find each other fascinating, frustrating, and intriguing—all at the same time! Beige is Huh? Your relationship requires some adjustments. Olive is Paradox — Your signs are inconjunct.

Green is Clash — Your signs are square. Find out how to determine your Moon sign here. Interested in learning more about Synastry, the astrology of relationships? Visit our Synastry page. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. Though you are competitive, you prefer friendly competitions and usually play fairly.

Overall, this pairing has several things in common; luckily, those commonalities between strength to the relationship of Aries and Capricorn. They believe actions are more powerful than words; hence, they are seen as the creatures of movement in the zodiac. Aries and Capricorn have enough qualities to create a solid friendship which later can blossom into a true love lasting forever.

If you are a Capricorn and look up for completely information about the compatibility with an Aries, then online horoscope is not enough.

Capricorn and Capricorn: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

I recommend you to talk to a professional astrologer or psychic for a real psychic reading to gain in-depth clarity about Aries and Capricorn friendship in Talking about Aries woman Capricorn man attraction, the calm and composed male usually appeals to the lady born under Aries zodiac sign. According to United 21 Resort, his focus is always set on the career or life achievement due to his ambitions; however, once he opens his heart to a woman, he will include love as one of serious things for him.

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Initially, the woman might be afraid to approach him because of his cold, detached, and emotionally aloof personalities. Capricorn man needs a very long time to completely open up, express his love, and share his inner feelings. Learn how to know this guy is attracted to you! Her childlike innocence is what he finds adorable.

In addition, he gets impressed by her recklessness and adventurous nature. When Capricorn man falls for Aries woman, he will give her undivided attention. However, while Aries woman is straightforward, Capricorn man is emotionally guarded. He is really picky when it comes to finding a life partner. As the time passes, the earthy man and fiery lady will understand each other well and start complementing each other. Together as a team, they will be able to take this relationship to a higher level. If both manage to overcome their selfishness and forgive each other with their deep and intense love, nothing can disconnect or separate them.