Gemini compatibility best and worst

The perfect boyfriend for an Aries woman is someone affectionate, calming and reassuring. The highly energetic Aries personality needs to be calmed and balanced with a relaxed and levelheaded guy. An Aries needs to feel sexy and attractive, so she should date someone who is comfortable complimenting her. Cancer and Pisces could be the perfect boyfriend material for an Aries woman. An Aries woman is very zodiac incompatible with anyone too indecisive and unsure of themselves because it will lead to lots of arguments with the self-confident Aries. Dating anyone too domineering is not a good idea of an Aries woman either.

When it comes to love, an Aries woman should avoid Leo and Gemini. What are the charactertistics of a Taurus woman? A Taurus personality is glamorous, a little superficial and loves being spoiled by her partners. Despite her superficial surface, underneath a Taurus woman is a great friend and a dedicated lover. A Taurus woman is exciting, stable and interesting. A Taurus woman needs to be swept off her feet by her prince charming and she dreams about living the perfect fairy tale worthy romance.

The perfect boyfriend for a Taurus woman is an emotionally intelligent guy, who is able to understand her moods and needs. Taurus and Cancer could make the perfect boyfriend for a Taurus woman. Taurus women love being seduced and won over; the thrill of the chase excites them. Taurus woman should avoid Leo and Sagittarius. What are the qualities of a Gemini woman? The Gemini personality is very romantics and love the idea of falling in love and living happily ever after. A Gemini woman is gentle, kind and makes a great life partner for someone who loves adventures.

The perfect boyfriend for a Gemini woman is curious and craves wild adventures. Cancer and Libra are amazing love matches for Gemini women. What are the traits of a Cancer? The Cancer personality is very ambitious but very gentle too; a Cancer woman has a pure heart of gold and would do anything for the people she cares about. Cancer women are attracted to bubbly people who dream big.

A Cancer woman finds confident and successful men very attractive and sexy, even irresistible! Cancer needs a logical boyfriend who has both feet firmly on the ground, like a Taurus or a Libra. Cancer women can be shy, which makes them incompatible with Virgo men. What is a Leo woman like?

The best and worst boyfriend for your zodiac sign

Leo women have very high maintenance personalities and their egos are huge, but believe it or not Leo women are proud of their difficult reputations. Leo woman are vibrant and make good, solid girlfriends and wives. The perfect boyfriend for a Leo is someone with a strong personality and who can call her out when necessary. Passionate Scorpio could be a good love match for a Leo woman. A Leo woman dating a weak guy is a recipe for love disaster. Virgo women wants to be wooed, impressed, seduced and made to feel sexy. The perfect boyfriend for a Virgo woman is someone grounded, caring, protective and guiding.

Being made to feel safe and secure is essential for a Virgo woman, which is why a nurturing Libra man springs to mind in matters of compatibility. A Virgo woman needs to avoid anyone who is too afraid to speak up. What are the characteristics of a Libra woman? A Libra woman is a beautiful soul who knows exactly what she wants out of life and what she is looking for. As a determined zodiac sign, nothing can get in the way of a Libra woman.

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Most Compatible With A Gemini

Libra women are very competitive and need to be the best. The perfect boyfriend for a Libra woman is someone as equally free-spirited and dreamy as a Libra. Libras seek loyalty; so their perfect love match needs to be faithful and reliable.

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Libras are very compatible with Sagittarius and Leo. In order to be happy, a Libra woman needs to avoid dating guys with different ideas and values to hers. If a Libra dates someone too different, misunderstandings will crop up. Libra is totally incompatible with the rigid Capricorn and sensitive Pisces. What is a Scorpio woman's personality? A Scorpio personality woman has a highly complex personality; she is emotional yet timid, passionate and jealous.

Scorpio women need dedicated and genuine boyfriends in order to feel satisfied in love. Scorpio woman are very attracted to guys who can teach them things, which is why Leo would be a good boyfriend for Scorpio. If a Scorpio dates anyone too controlling, sparks will fly and not in a good way! A Scorpio woman should avoid dating Scorpio guys and anyone she perceives as boring and uninteresting.

Gemini compatibility

Sagittarius women love listening to their hearts and following their intuition. Sagittarius women are compatible with likeminded people like Aries and Aquarius. Sagittarius women need to avoid guys who feel the need to control and micromanage everything. What are the qualities of a Capricorn woman?

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Capricorn personality women are very determined and goal orientated people, they need structure in their lives. Although they come across as serious, Capricorn women do in fact love joking around and giggling. A Capricorn woman is helpful, sensible and great at solving problems. A Capricorn woman is very caring and nurturing, which is why t he perfect boyfriend for a Capricorn is someone with sensitive personality traits just like Pisces. Capricorns love comforting and taking care of people they care about. Capricorn women are completely incompatible with Leo guys.

Gemini Love Compatibility: Gemini Sign Compatibility Guide!

What is the personality of an Aquarius female? An Aquarius personality loves looking to the future and enhancing her creative side and great imagination.

Gemini Sun Sign Compatability Matches

Aquarius women really do value their freedom and love coming up with new and creative ideas. The perfect boyfriend for an Aquarius is sociable guy who loves travelling and adventures. An Aquarius woman needs to feel supported and guided in her decisions, which is why she makes the perfect match with the creative and kid Libra. You would be meeting potential partners through social connections. When Saturn transits from your 11th house, you would experience many trails and tribulations in the love front or marriage.

As Jupiter would be transiting around three houses for the year as a whole you would be seeing three different phases in your love area. You would be attracted to partners who are more practical towards life. Expect major developments in areas of love and compatibility during November-December.

A good time to correct flaws that have been haunting your relationships. The end of the first quarter of the year might ask you to make some of the main decisions regarding your love, marriage and compatibility. Some of you guys would be tying the knot around May this year if the atmosphere is conducive for the same. Past memories and flirts might come in to haunt you at times.

Geminis are best advised to let go off of bad habits that might hurt potential partners for the season. Though occasional rifts and hitches are on the anvil, in the love arena, most of you guys are in for a compatible relationship with better compatibility. Particularly Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius personalities make good compatible partners for Gemini folks this year.