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In the second part of the year it is possible that Capricorn can earn money with an artistic hobby or skill. March is a favorable financial month to invest in a new house or property.

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Good financial period, but be careful not to spend too much. From March 21, , the Sun travels through Aries. The Spring Equinox leads to more expenses related to your home. From April 30 to September 19 , Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn and from mid-September money can be released from outstanding wages, career, benefit or form of cooperation. July can be a challenge with the total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, From July 7 to July 31, , Mercury is retrograde in Leo, and then you may be tempted to spend more money.

Take care. If you know how to manage your expenses, then there will be no major financial problems. Also be cautious about contracting loans or investments during Mercury retrograde. It would be better to find ways to reduce spending and pay off debts.

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An energetic period for domestic activities. February can be the beginning of a new beginning. But it will come with a price, so it may be at the expense of something or someone else. Until the beginning of March , retrograde Uranus in Aries could lead to many changes at home and in your family. It is possible that you have plans to relocate or you have already moved.

Breaking with the old can be liberating. The relationship with your children will change in the next seven years. During these years of transformation, children need space to try their wings in the world. March is a promising and happy month for Capricorn. The right time to invest in a new home.

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From March 21, , the Spring Equinox, family ties are strengthened. Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from 5 to March 28, , so that mutual communication with family members, siblings and acquaintances will be restored. From April 21 to May 15, Venus travels through Aries and this soft energy indicates a quiet period at home.

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A favorable period for a new interior or garden plan. From June 21, , the Summer Solstice, there will be a change. From June 21 to November 27, , Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces. Neptune asks for a time-out. A period to read or write a book, a course or the development of an artistic hobby. Rediscovering your inner child also belongs to this energy.

Meditation and retreats can be very beneficial until early December It is in this intuitive phase you can free yourself from self-destructive tendencies, deep-rooted fears and feelings of guilt. The year is a year of regeneration and gentle, healing energy to take care of yourself. Try to reduce your stress level in order to remain mentally and physically healthy. January can be a difficult month. There is emotional baggage that you have to let go. This is a very busy period in which you consciously or unconsciously set the bar too high for yourself. During this period you may be suffering from stress, headaches, infection, rash or fever.

During this period you need to take it easy. Regularity is the key. Have your dinner on time, go to sleep on time, get out of bed on time.

From November 27, , Neptune in Pisces may find a solution for health problems. Mercury is your planet of Health. So every time Mercury is in retrograde, you have to take special care of your health. Problems may come to light that you would rather hide, but need to be addressed. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Is closure on your wish list?

Let go of the outdated things in your life that are blocking you from joy and relationship health. Be intentional and specific about all your dreams, and happy manifesting. Try seeing your friendships as more romantic and your romances as more friendly, Capricorn—minimize the barriers between both. Ready for career lift-off, water-bearer? Professional success and your intelligence are coming to your aid. Bon voyage, Pisces!

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