October 26 virgo horoscope

The tendency to brood is a typical Cancerian complaint but you need to look on the bright side. Do what you enjoy most! Confusion is in the air.

October 25 zodiac

You must give loved ones the chance to express their grievances otherwise you may be caught up in a tangle which prevents you from making the most of your many talents. The fact is that you can only benefit when everyone expects the best. Some of you will feel that family responsibilities are taking up too much of your precious time. Domestic affairs are moving into a confused period when banana skins may abound, yet those of you with active public lives will shortly receive your just rewards.

Professionally, you are now entitled to go into battle for your due.

For a start, you could be owed an apology. Try not to over-analyze things. Your inner-voice delivers an important message today as the sun meets with Venus retrograde. The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart.

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The sun and Venus retrograde meet this morning, bringing you an important realization about your social life. Your focus shifts to your daily routines and self-care practice this afternoon, as the moon enters Gemini. The sun and Venus retrograde meet this morning, creating a potent energy around your career and public life. The moon enters fellow air sign Gemini today, putting you in a flirtatious mood and inspiring you to make art.

Virgo's horoscope for October 26

A special clarity arrives today as the sun and Venus retrograde help you see things in a new perspective. The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, encouraging you to connect with your home and family. Intimacy is a big theme today. The moon enters Gemini this afternoon, bringing news your way.

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Your ruling planet Venus, which is currently retrograde, meets the sun in your opposite sign Scorpio, making this an important day in your relationships. What they need in general is more understanding and forgiveness for those who have done them wrong, and forgiveness for themselves for allowing this or acting in ways that make them feel guilty. With their emotions intertwining with those of others, the greatest challenge here is to set a clear emotional boundary, so it is clear and obvious what everyone carries as their authentic emotional need.

Planetary Row

Balance of giving and receiving needs to be found in each bond they create, and they will need some distance and solitude to sort things out and separate from influences that blur their image. Once they start allowing themselves to feel whatever it is they are feeling, they will cleanse and open themselves to summon the right person into their life. A Scorpio born on October 26th makes wonders in contact with different people, therapy, healing, and all decorative and artistic efforts. They have a way of touching hearts of others, their audience and those who need their home decorated or their party planned.

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Carnelian is a great stone for a person born on the 26th of October, as it is highly motivating and evokes inspiration to act upon the ideal that pushes them forwards. It gives one the needed confidence to move towards a new path in life, one that will be easier, more loving, and in tune with their emotional needs.

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Aiding their intention to work on their physical body and cleansing the blood, it will help them set clear boundaries to all toxic influences and reach the point of balance they will stably move forwards from. To choose a gift for a birthday of a Scorpio born on October 26th, keep their sensitivity in mind no matter their act. Buy something small and artistic, something made of glass, a vase for their home, a crystal ball, or a colorful mosaic.

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  4. They love creative trinkets that are colorful and pretty, and it is easy to choose their present for as long as it is decorative and of high quality. If you are limited by the amount of money you can spend, make their colorful gift yourself. Loving and deeply emotional, they are open for interaction and willing to set aside any ego troubles to make their relationships harmonic and beautiful.