What does opposite sign in astrology mean

Let's look at this done-to-death romantic trope from an astrological angle.

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A popular astrological compatibility theory holds that opposite signs ones that are directly across. Opposite signs can fill in the missing puzzle pieces of our psyche. Although there can Not that we should rely on our opposites to do everything for us. See them, instead.

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Observation and theory has confirmed that opposite signs do have a special within astrology, here I will take it to mean the axis of any opposing pair of signs. In astrology, a negative, receptive, dispassive, yin, nocturnal or feminine sign refers to any of The negative signs associated with the zodiac are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Jan J. The opposite signs are attracted to each other, push each other away and This way, even if both deep inside and in their exterior form the two signs do not at.

Opposite signs are generally signs that have a lot in common and enough differences to keep things interesting. I mean its definition, not the zodiac signs themselves? Jupiter — very strong in Sagittarius and Pisces the zodiac signs ruled by Jupiter , strong in Cancer the sign where Jupiter is exalted.

Opposite sign meaning in astrology the moon

Mars — very strong in Aries and Scorpio the zodiac signs ruled by Mars , strong in Capricorn the sign where Mars is exalted. Sun — very strong in Leo the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun , strong in Aries the sign where the Sun is exalted. Venus — very strong in Taurus and Libra the zodiac signs ruled by Venus , strong in Pisces the sign where Venus is exalted.

Mercury — very strong in Gemini and Virgo the zodiac signs ruled by Mercury , especially strong in Virgo, where Mercury both rules and is exalted. You can view all the issues archived on this page. To subscribe to future issues of the newsletter, please click here to provide your email. For a love relationship to work between these signs, Taurus will need to set aside their possessiveness to allow Sagittarius to travel and go places by themselves.

This is a very difficult combination. It is hard for these two to have a conversation because Gemini will have flitted to many different topics before Scorpio has even begun to scratch the surface of one. Gemini sees Scorpio as obsessive, and Scorpio finds Gemini to be as flighty as can be. For these two to get along, both need to have a sense of humor and learn to laugh at their differences. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is shy, with a soft underside covered by a hard shell.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is the most outgoing and extroverted sign in the zodiac. The two are literally as different as night and day. Cancer finds Leo loud and egotistical and does not provide Leo with the type of admiration Leo craves.

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The good news is that these two will rarely form any relationship at all with each other if left to their own devices. The reason for this is that Cancer will not seek Leo out, and Leo will not notice Cancer. Cancer and Aquarius have a different problem. Cancer is extremely emotional and intuitive. Aquarius is detached and intellectual.

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These two signs will have a very difficult time communicating and understanding each other. They speak different languages.

This Astrological Rule Says Opposites Attract

Cancer will think that Aquarius is cold and unfeeling, and Aquarius will think Cancer is way too clingy. They do have one advantage that other signs with nothing in common do not though. Cancer is a very nurturing sign, and they will go out of their way to understand those they that care about. Aquarius is intellectually curious and loves to learn about different people and what makes them tick. This means that they will both be motivated to try to learn about and understand each other. This is a quite a mismatched pair. Leo is well, Leo, and Virgo is modest, detail-oriented, and critical.

If the two of them can find a way to see past their differences, though, they can do a lot of good for each other. Virgo could use someone to help lighten things up, and no one is perfect, not even Leo.

The Benefits Of Dating Someone Who's Your Opposite

Leo has very similar problems with Capricorn as with Virgo. This problem is magnified in that unlike Virgo, who is willing to take orders and work behind the scenes, Capricorn wants to be in charge. In a working relationship, though, Capricorn can act as a manager to Leo as the star or celebrity.